Your hard work pays off when given a fair amount of effort and consistency; it’s the energy you put in to make a goal happen.

One of the reasons we can’t be consistent with a mission is distraction. One is that we’ve got lots of goals we want to achieve at one time, and we want to figure out a way to work on all of them at once and end up working on none or the insufficient amount of energy you failed to put in.

Consistency and motivation have a common ground, and each supports the other. The first key to getting them both in hand is to narrow down an idea or a goal that rings in your brain. Often, dedicate yourself to it, and make sure no distraction or anything holds you back. When tough times come, find the motivation to keep you going, and be assured that the finish line is often a breath away from the give-up feeling. Remember that the fun is throughout the journey, not the destination.
When success has reached your potential, consistency won’t be something to think of, as it’s been set up as a spontaneousness in your character, working its way through without you finding it.

Consistency tips:

1. Break tasks into smaller bricks: big tasks can be uncontrollable and might lead to inconsistency. Crack up these tasks into mini, manageable slices to make them more accomplishable and less complicated to maintain consistency.

2. Time management: Plan and organise how you divide your time between particular activities or tasks to be able to achieve your goals efficiently. This includes task prioritization, laying down your goals, being ahead of distractions, setting a timetable, and utilizing different methods and tools to improve your productivity. Constructive time management will help you increase efficiency, turn down stress, expand concentration and focus, and generate a healthier work-life balance. Also, be sensible about how you utilize your time and put together mindful results about what happenings to make a priority of and how much time to devote to them.

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