Home workout 

Gyms provide convenience to most of us, but they’re not for some who are caught up with life and work and can’t afford the time or money for them, and it becomes inconvenient to them.
becoming so, it’s time for us to chill and know that we can still work out on the spot without worrying about gas, traffic, or most importantly, time. One of the convenient advantages of indoor workouts is that we get to do them anytime. We can also plan and time the workout without obstruction or having to wait for turns using a gym machine. Such workouts are convenient and practical. We also get to enjoy short-range access to eat our choice of healthy and affordable homemade food, which leaves us from having to feed ourselves quick-processed or high-cost food outside our home.

 Home workout examples:

1. Aerobic exercises:  jumping jacks, high knees, running in place, burpees, jumping rope, or using a treadmill if you own one.
2. Power training exercises: include jumping squats, regular squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, sit-ups, or lifting liftable weights or resistance bands.

3. Yoga: Yoga is a low-impact exercise that focuses on different parts of the body, such as flexibility, balance, and core strength, and can be done indoors or outdoors.

4. Dance exercise: Turn on a piece of music that gets you going and Freestyle if you don’t know how to dance; otherwise, Zumba, hip-hop, salsa, and other preferences are available online and are followed by instructional videos. In consequence, indoor workout can be one of the best options for many, there must be no excuses when it comes to staying fit and healthy.

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