Optimism is, first of all, a mental frame expressing a positive and cheerful outlook on life. It takes believing in the probability of affirmative outcomes and possessing confidence in your abilities to conquer challenges and bring success. Optimistic people often see difficulties as temporary and view them as golden opportunities for improvement and growth. They are likely to rely on the positive side of situations and sustain a hopeful attitude even in hard times. Optimism is connected with countless benefits for well-being, involving a quality of physical and mental stability built on resilience and an inclined force to pursue goals.  

Yes! Many want to be optimistic and wonder how to be optimistic in life. Optimism plays an essential role in our lives; it helps us deal with stress and maintains a positive attitude when we encounter unpleasant or stressful situations. Living a healthy lifestyle will keep our optimism active and protect us from pessimistic thoughts.

Optimism is linked to the overall lifestyle we’ve got; being in good health will naturally make us optimistic about any incoming negativity, and the healthier we are, the less negativity we will have. Optimism is the state of being always positive and hopeful and that whatever is happening around you isn’t felt or looked at in a negative way. Optimism isn’t felt until it’s missed; lots of factors can affect it, and optimism has one counter-effect on our lives. A pessimist can see the dark side of everything, thinking that it’s how reality is and that it’s their destiny. On the bright side, an optimist is one who sees only the good in everything and always finds a way to look at the bright side of situations.

Approaching situations with kindness without a reason to be kind, kindness doesn’t cost you anything but happy feelings, we often judge the situations first to determine how our attitudes shall be, for instance, we wouldn’t be kind unless someone is kind to us, the majority think in such a way and it’s one of the huge reasons why we’re less optimistic, showing a kind attitude without expectation or judgment of the situation will surprisingly pour you with happiness, in fact being kind to those we think are rude or aggressive could be the best gift they ever needed, you can never know how big of a change it maybe to them, never belittle such power, as it will immerse you with optimism for being a reason someone feels better.

There are ways to boost optimism and make it invade a big part of our character. The first way to all is gratitude. Stop being too ambitious and ungrateful for the blessings you already have. Feeling and knowing how to be optimistic in life requires a bit of detachment from a materialistic life. worrying about things you thought you missed or the circumstances that caused you to lose a substantial amount of money, you’ve no idea why such situations happen to you; it could be to awaken you from something you’ve been sleeping on or prevent you from a harm that you could never handle.

Accepting what happens to you is the first way to be healthy and optimistic about your life because rejections and unacceptance of what’s meant to happen to you will cause you a negative resistance that you’re not seeking and will bring you lots of questions, such as, What did I  do?Why has it happened to me? And so on. Well, I don’t have an answer for that, nor do you, but if you accept and let it go, soon enough somehow a reveal will appear to you, and you will begin to understand why certain situations came into your life, which will make you believe in gratitude and make you stay optimistic.

Dwelling in the past and its pain will bring you nothing but negative energy and pessimism, which is totally the opposite of what you’re seeking. Going back to the past is a waste of your precious presence and moments. A past happened to you to push you forward to be in the moment and to make you what you’re now. Looking back, especially to the painful and unpleasant past, could wake up a demon and feelings you barely moved on from. Grudges aren’t what you want if you’re seeking to be optimistic in life and become a positive person.

Understand what’s within your capability to control and what’s not; anything that’s within your power to manage and solve, let go of what you can’t control, as it will just have you frustrated and make you feel purposeless, and that’s not for you to judge. (If a battle can’t be won, don’t fight it.) Said by Sun Tzu, Be always deaf to what you hear of negative news that comes through any source; it’s quite easy to hear updates and news now a days; social media is the closest platform to consume news from; be aware of what you listen to and consume of news; and be deaf to the news that can kill your optimism. Stay away from toxic crowds—a crowd where you don’t feel yourself when you’re around them—and rather find those who push you to be yourself and participate in elevating you to be more optimistic in life.

Defeat unwanted surroundings; be undefeatable when you’re in places or events you can’t escape; being around people you respect and can’t escape a conversation or a toxic situation is difficult and requires lots of patience. For you to protect yourself from such challenging situations, you must face them intellectually, like politely and indirectly changing the flow of conversation or agreeing on what you really don’t agree on, to avoid disrespect, negative reactions, or even violence. Being able to defeat such adversities is powerful. There will be many undesirable happenings that are a threat to optimism, and it is confusing to limit the amount of pressure that may harm your peace of mind.

To stay as hanging on with optimism as possible is to react the least you can to all the harmful things. Make sure regrets take no place in your heart. The things you deeply regret are already in the past, and you can’t do anything about them now. You can either learn from them if you find yourself too attacked by them or forget them; there really is nothing positive that comes out of regrets. It’s the little things you do that mostly count, and it all begins with you. By understanding what I shared with you here, always remember to have no reactions to uncontrollable circumstances and that they’re powerless without your reaction. I hope you can always protect your peace of mind and stay cheerful and optimistic in life.

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