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Health Optimist 

Hello future!!
Ready to get healthily packed? ya all know that health is called wealth for a reason, and for some reason, I want to be a reason that
You and I manifest the thoughts of a beautiful and healthy body. I want us to embrace a lifestyle that nurtures our whole body, in particular our minds and souls. I hope my insight and information will be helpful for your healthy journey.

Hajr Alhajri

A drop.

Being healthy and well is very tough these days, despite the modern and various access to knowledge and food. With all the availability of such, it may seem that many of us are intentionally ignoring it and choosing the opposite path; certainly not that. No one would want to pay hospital bills or get a chronic disease. Unfortunately, with all that’s going on with technology and modern developments, it’s brought us too much comfortability and too much convenience. You all know what I mean by too much. It’s absolutely fortunate to have such advantages, if not misused in the indulgence of oneself. The main reason why we became negligent about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and wellness was either work, family commitment, or other responsibilities that made us comprehensively occupied; hence, we became unnoticeably subconscious about it. The way back at it simply begins with having reminders, surroundings, and companies that are relevant and involve wellness and the life you’re seeking; the rest will follow gradually, and this shall not worry you now.

Obviously, no one was born educated; I came from a society where awareness of health and nutrition was the last thing to consider.

I ate the wrong desserts, snacks, and meals and drank the unhealthy beverages, knowing nothing about them. How could I possibly have known that, everyone around me was consuming the same food without any healthy alternatives? I remember the effects the food had on my behaviour and how it killed my energy. The only thing I remember that made me feel better was being physically active and working out, and I am glad this invaded a big part of my past. It probably cut me slack from illness setbacks, and I am thankful to be well and healthy today.

If you were to consider regrets today, please don’t. What matters is the power of knowledge and health you’ve now and how you can make use of them for your dream transformation. At times I look back at those days when I fell seriously ill and I pause for a moment and think of how worse it would’ve been on me if working out took no place in my life. Such times will make you grateful and keep you up on track.

Everyone will have an opportunity to do something; the question isn’t whether they can recognise it or look for it; it’s simply, are they willing to give a little of their trueness and discipline to it? I can assure you that the little of both won’t play long in your journey and will only roadblock you on your first road; the rest is going to be a habit that you don’t even recognise and is kind of effortless to keep up with. It’s always the beginning that many skip and meet frustration next; enduring the first road will make the next roads endure you; patience is all we need at the kick-off line; everything else will eventually come to order.

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